General Catalog: 2002-2004

Majors/Minors and Concentrations

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The University of Wisconsin-Superior is committed to offering quality preparation in the following programs of study.

(1) Indicates Minors Only
(2) Indicates Teacher Education Certification available

Majors and Minors Offered

- Pre-Professional Programs -

UW-Superior also offers courses required for professional programs. The pre-professional programs may lead to a bachelor's degree from UW-Superior
or courses may be structured to fulfill basic requirements of a professional school. A student who plans to transfer to a specific professional school should
contact that institution to ascertain what courses at UW-Superior would be most applicable.

Chiropractic Medicine                           Nursing
Cytotechnology Dentistry                      Occupational Therapy
Dietetics                                               Optometry
Engineering*                                         Pathologists Assistant
Forestry*                                             Pharmacy
Law Physical                                        Therapy
Medical Technology                              Physician Assistant
Medicine                                              Veterinary Medicine
Mortuary Science

*Dual-degree program

- Dual-Degree Programs -

- Individually Designed Programs -


The Individually Designed Major offers an option for students whose educational objectives cannot adequately be realized through an existing academic program but which may be achieved through unique combinations of existing offerings.

The University Credits Committee grants final approval for each Individually Designed Major. The major must total at least 34 credits. At least 18 credits
must be earned in courses numbered 300 or higher. When submitting a petition for an Individually Designed Major, a student's grade point average must be at least 3.0 and at least 18 credits in the proposed major shall not yet have been completed.

In planning an Individually Designed Major, students must receive timely advice and guidance. Each Individually Designed Major will be developed in close consultation with a specially appointed Advisory Panel consisting of at least the student's advisor and two faculty members representing disciplines other than that of the advisor. The petition may not be submitted before the second semester of the sophomore year but must be submitted before the end of the junior year.


Students in good standing who are at least second-semester sophomores may petition the University Credits Committee for approval of an Individually Designed Minor. The proposed minor must include at least 22 credits; at least 11 of these credits shall not yet have been completed.

Individually Designed Minor proposals require the approval of the student's advisor and the appropriate department chair.

More comprehensive information concerning Individually Designed Majors and Minors is available in the Registrar's Office.

- Special or Student-Initiated Seminar -

Students may wish to join an instructor in pursuing a course of study too specialized to be included in the General Education curriculum or in a conventional major. UW-Superior provides for such formal study through the Special or Student-Initiated Seminar. These seminars meet at regular times in assigned classrooms for specific numbers of credits.

A seminar may be initiated by a student, a group of students, or a faculty member.

The first step is for a student or group of students to discuss their concerns with a knowledgeable faculty member or advisor to determine whether the appropriate expertise is available on campus.

The next step is to present a written proposal to the chair of the department in which the seminar will be taught. The department chair will determine whether the seminar can be given, the number of credits to be assigned, and the availability of faculty time and physical resources for the proposed seminar.

- Overseas Studies and Agreements -

UW-Superior offers several opportunities for students to study in other countries while receiving course credit at the University. Information about Study Abroad programs is available from the International Programs Office, located in Old Main, Room 337.

UW-Superior participates in the Wisconsin in Scotland program. Students from Superior join students from other University of Wisconsin campuses to study for a semester near Edinburgh. Subjects include British history and a selection of other general education and professional courses. All courses count toward a student's degree at UW-Superior.

The program fills up early, so plan to make a formal application at least one year in advance of the semester you want to spend in Scotland. Enrollments are decided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students must have a 2.5 grade point average and sophomore status to enroll.

Courses are taught by Wisconsin and Scottish professors in the Dalkeith House located outside of Edinburgh. Unpaid for-credit internships can also be arranged. Financial aid can be used to cover the costs, which includes books, tuition, room, board, and travel from Minneapolis to Edinburgh.

UW-Superior offers a German Study Abroad course for credit. Students gain first-hand experience with German language, literature and culture during a semester at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany. The main objective is to offer students the opportunity to improve their command of the German language through direct contact with German people and culture.

Normally, a student must complete two intermediate German courses at UW-Superior before participating in this program. Information about Overseas Study Programs is available from the International Programs Office, located in Old Main, Room 337.