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Randy Gabrys Alexson, Associate Professor (Geography Education)
William Bajjali, Assistant Professor (Geographic Information Systems)

Courses are available in Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For more information, see Geography in the Course Description Section of this catalog.

An individually designed minor in geography is available. Because of its inherent interdisciplinary nature, a geography minor may complement a wide array of majors. For more information, contact a Geography faculty member.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Minor
(23 credits)

Employment opportunities are limitless for graduates who are proficient with this interdisciplinary tool. Well-qualified GIS specialists are sought in the areas of business, economics, education, government, planning, and international industries.

Required Core Courses

GEOG 241 Fundamentals of GIS I     4 credits
GEOG 243 Fundamentals of GIS II     4 credits
GEOG 342 Advanced Principles of GIS     4 credits
GEOG 442 Management and Implementation of GIS     4 credits

Plus a minimum of seven credits within the following specialization tracks:

Urban Planning Track

GEOG 302 Economic Geography     3 credits*
GEOG 402 Urban Planning and Transportation Systems     3 credits*
GEOG 281/481 Special Topics     1-4 credits
GEOG 491 Research     1-4 credits
GEOG 496 Superior Urban Planning Office Internship     1-4 credits
(or any other department/program-approved appropriate geography course.)

Physical Environmental Track

GEOL 110 Physical Geology     4 credits
GEOL 130 Environmental Geology     4 credits
GEOL 300 Watershed Hydrology     4 credits
CHEM 300 Chemistry of Natural Waters     3 credits
BIOL 312 Biogeography     3 credits*
GEOL 360 Surficial Processes and Soils     4 credits
GEOG, GEOL or BIOL 491 - Research     1-4 credits
GEOG, GEOL or BIOL 281/481 - Special Topics     1-4 credits (or any other department/program-approved appropriate biology, geology, or geography course).

If a student is interested in a specialization track that is not listed above, an individually designed minor in GIS may be created incorporating the four required core courses plus a minimum of seven credits from any single academic discipline. The seven credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above and must include a research and/or internship component.

Courses required for other majors or minors may not be used to fulfill the requirements for the GIS minor.

*Course also is offered online