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Richard Hudelson, Assistant Professor

Philosophy Minor
Students pursuing a minor in Philosophy must complete 21 credits. The following courses are required:

PHIL 151 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 211 Contemporary Moral Problems

In addition, students are required to take either:

PHIL 212 Critical Thinking
PHIL 214 Elementary Symbolic Logic

The remaining semester credits may be earned from among the other offerings in philosophy provided at least one-third of the total credits for the minor are from 300-level courses or above.

In addition, the following courses count for the Philosophy minor:

FNS 242 First Nations Values and Spiritual Beliefs
PHYS 100 Astronomy
PHYS 448 Atomic and Quantum Physics
PSYC 494 History and Systems of Psychology
SOCI 471 The Sociological Tradition
SOCI 472 Contemporary Sociological Theory