Mary H. Pulford, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Contributing Faculty
Michael Ball, Professor, Sociology
Chip Beal, Assistant Professor, First Nations Studies
Gary W. Johnson, Assistant Professor, First Nations Studies
Marshall Johnson, Professor, Sociology
Galdyce Nahbenayash, Associate Professor, First Nations Studies
David Obermiller, Assistant Professor, History
Priscilla Starratt, Professor, History

The Anthropology minor is an interdisciplinary inquiry of the nature and meaning of the concept of culture. It also is designed to complement a wide array of majors such as education, business, social work, legal studies, sociology, criminal justice, history and communication.

Twenty-one credits required for a minor in Anthropology:

  • Nine of the 21 credits must be at the 300 level or above.

  • Fifteen of the 21 credits must be Anthropology (ANTH)

Required Courses (Six credits)
ANTH 101      The Human Experience                         3 credits
ANTH 315      Cultural Anthropology                           3 credits

Choose 15 credits from:
ANTH 301      Study Abroad
ANTH 302      Physical Anthropology and Archaeology           3 credits
ANTH 306      African Archaeology                                         3 credits
ANTH 320      Environmental Anthropology                             3 credits
ANTH 368      Cultures of Mesoamerica                                  3 credits
ANTH 490      Selected Topics in Anthropology                       1-4 credits
ANTH 499      Independent Study                                            1-4 credits
FNS 110          Survey of First Nations Culture                         3 credits
FNS 230          First Nations Myths and Legends                      3 credits
FNS 242          First Nations Values and Spiritual Beliefs           3 credits
FNS 460          Study of First Nations Women                          3 credits
HIST 160         Arab Culture and Society                                  3 credits
HIST 161         African Peoples and Issues                               3 credits
HIST 281         The Muslim World                                            3 credits
HIST 403         Voices of African Women                                 3 credits
HIST 404         Voices of Arab Women                                    3 credits
HIST 406         Voices of East Asian Women                            3 credits
SOCI 273        Race and Ethnicity                                            3 credits

See specific course descriptions for information on required or elective courses.