Women's Studies

Randy Gabrys-Alexson, Associate Professor, Biology
Hal Bertilson, Professor, Psychology
Timothy Crow, Assistant Professor, German and Spanish
Martha Einerson, Associate Professor, Communicating Arts
Suzanne Griffith, Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services
Richard Hudelson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dianna Hunter, Senior Lecturer, English and Women's Studies
Marshall Johnson, Professor, Sociology
Rosemary Keefe, Professor, English
Gary Keveles, Professor, Sociology (Criminal Justice)
William Morgan, Professor, Visual Arts
Gladyce Nahbenayash, Associate Professor, First Nations Studies
Debra Nordgren, Associate Professor, Library Science
David Tobaru Obermiller, Assistant Professor, History
Mary Pulford, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Maureen Salzer, Assistant Professor, English
Deborah Davis Schlacks, Professor, English
Joel Sipress, Associate Professor, History
Nicholas Sloboda, Assistant Professor, English
Priscilla Starratt, Professor, History
George Wright, Professor, Political Science

A 21-credit minor is available in Women's Studies. It is coordinated and led by the Women's Studies Committee, a free-standing advisory committee made up of interested faculty and staff.

The Women's Studies undergraduate minor was approved in 1976. It is an interdisciplinary minor with courses offered by a number of academic departments. Members of the Women's Studies Committee serve as faculty advisors for this minor. Students choosing this minor must take 21 semester credits from courses in the approved list in consultation with a Women's Studies faculty advisor.

The Women's Studies undergraduate minor has the following objectives for each student taking the minor:

1. To develop an understanding of the social processes through which gender is constructed and the ways in which gender structures the lives of women, as well as men.

2. To understand the relationship between gender and other social categories (such as class, race, ethnicity, nationality, and sexual orientation) and how these categories structure women's lives differently.

3. To discuss and raise awareness of gender discrimination, including sexism, heterosexism, ageism, etc., that occurs at the individual, societal and systemic levels.

4. To reveal women's historical contributions to society.

5. To foster an appreciation of feminism and raise the consciousness of varieties and definitions, and its potential to benefit all people.

6. To help the student become aware of social, political, religious, legislative and philosophical movements locally, nationally and internationally that enhance and diminish the social, cultural and political status of women.

7. To create positive change for women.


Total: 21 credits, including a minimum of nine credits at the 300 level or above.

Required courses - 12 credits:
WST 150         Introduction to Women's Studies                       3 credits
WST 456         Feminist Theory                                                3 credits

Women’s Studies minors need to fulfill the UW-Superior goals in multicultural and international awareness.

Students should choose one course (three credits) from the following list of courses with a multicultural focus:
WST 229         Literature by Women                                        3 credits
WST 315         Voices of Hispanic Women                               3 credits
WST 325         Writing Women, Women Writing                      3 credits
WST 328         Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary American Literature       3 credits
WST 460         The Study of First Nations                                3 credits
WST 481         The Geography of Difference                             3 credits

Students should also choose to take one course (three credits) from the following list of courses with an international perspective:
WST 403         Voices of African Women                                 3 credits
WST 404         Voices of Arab Women                                    3 credits
WST 406         Voices of East Asian Women                            3 credits

Plus nine additional credits in Women's Studies. Check the Women's Studies web page at http://frontpage.uwsuper.edu/wspage/ for the latest course listing.