Communicating Arts

The University of Wisconsin-Superior offers a graduate program in Communicating Arts (Speech Communication, Theatre, Mass Communication) which leads to the Master of Arts Degree. The faculty coordinator for this program is Dr. Martha Einerson, Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center 2108, (715) 394-8077, e-mail

Master of Arts Degree
in Communicating Arts

The M.A. degree program in Communicating Arts is designed to broaden the student's liberal arts background and to prepare those who wish to enter professional careers in schools, colleges, radio and television stations, educational and community theatres, and in business, industry and government. The three areas of emphasis within the program are Speech Communication, Theatre and Mass Communication.

Prerequisites For Admission
A bachelor's degree in Communication, Speech, Theatre or Mass Communication is required for admission. Applicants may also be considered if they have an undergraduate minor in one of the communication areas. Students with minors in a communication area may need to take additional undergraduate coursework to prepare them for entry into the graduate program.

Degree Requirements
A minimum of 30 graduate semester hours of approved coursework, with 15 credits at the 700 level.

For international students for whom English is not a first language, Communicating Arts requires a minimum of 550+ (560 preferred) on the TOEFL and a minimum of 45 (50 preferred) on the TSE.

  1. Graduate students entering the program must have completed an advanced performances course in their areas of study. (Public speaking, interpretation, acting or media performance.) Students who have not had that experience must take such a course as part of this program using COMM 570, 698, 711 or 798.

  2. COMM 701, Theory and Technique of Research, is a required course for all graduate students.

  3. Twenty-four credits in Communicating Arts courses numbering 500 and above.

  4. Six credits in approved courses from a cognate area not previously used in numbers five and six below.

  5. Twelve credits (among the cited 24 credits) are within a specialty area, either Speech Communication, Theatre or Mass Communication.

  6. These 12 credits must be accomplished (earned) in coursework with a minimum of two Communicating Arts graduate faculty members represented in this instruction.

  7. A thesis, research paper or production project (with supporting paper) must be done in conjunction with a least three semester credits either in COMM 780 or 798. If the thesis option is chosen, one copy should be filed in the Communicating Arts office and two copies in the Graduate Studies office for transmittal to the library. The committee for thesis, research papers and production projects must be formed to include a minimum of two Communicating Arts graduate faculty members.