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Programs leading to a degree

Academic outreach programs and other learning programs

Youth Options
Undergraduate (Bachelorís Degree) Continuing Education/Extension Upward Bound
Distance Learning Center Distance Learning Center Youthsummer Program
Graduate Studies Special Adult Students  
Associate Degree Pre-college programs  




Education Options at UW-Superior


UW-Superior offers many options to accommodate the education needs of traditional and nontraditional students.


Programs leading to a degree


Undergraduate (Bachelorís Degree): Academic programs of at least 120 semester credits leading to a Bachelorís Degree.


Distance Learning Center: Residents of Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states who want to pursue a Bachelorís Degree from home. Applicants work through the Distance Learning Program and must be admitted to the University.


Graduate Studies: Academic programs leading to a Master of Arts, Master of Science in Education or Specialist in Education degree.


Associate Degree: A 60-semester-credit program leading to an Associate Degree.


Academic outreach programs and other learning programs


Continuing Education/Extension: Credit and noncredit classes and workshops for people seeking continuing professional education and lifelong learning.


Distance Learning Center: Complete a bachelor's degree from home through the Distance Learning Center or enroll in individual online courses.


Special Adult Students: Anyone taking courses at UW-Superior but not seeking a degree.


Pre-college programs


Youth Options

The Youth Options program enables high school juniors and seniors to enroll in one or more courses at an institution of higher education in Wisconsin. School districts are required to pay the cost of tuition, books and fees and to determine whether the course satisfies state graduation and high school credit requirements. For more information, see the Admissions section of this catalog or contact the UW-Superior Admissions Office at (715) 394-8230 or


Upward Bound

UW-Superior offers the Upward Bound program for eligible students attending Superior Senior High School who face challenges in pursuing higher education without additional support. During the academic year students receive tutoring, counseling and study skills training to help them improve their grades and self-confidence. They also visit college campuses, attend plays, concerts and lectures; and build relationships through social, recreational and cultural activities. During the summer Upward Bound students participate in a six-week residency program on the UW-Superior campus. For more information, contact Director Vince Repesh at (715) 394-8219 or


Youthsummer Program

The Youthsummer Program is an academic enrichment pre-college program for Wisconsin youth from ages 13 through 17 who demonstrate a high interest in science, math, creativity and the arts. It is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Each summer approximately 300 students from around Wisconsin attend one of the summer programs.


All programs seek to engage learners in innovative, interactive, transformative learning experiences. Co-curricular social and recreational activities are carefully planned and delivered to complement the instructional day. The camp approaches learning as a shared responsibility among students, instructors, and counselors. The program focuses on conceptual development through hands-on experience that includes inquiry, creativity, aesthetic expression and problem solving. Classes are designed and implemented by experienced teachers and content experts. 


Programs Available:

Hmong Youthsummer

         Food and Culture

         Introduction to Hmong Language I

         Introduction to Hmong Language II

         Arts/Crafts and Culture

Native American Youthsummer

         Native American History/Culture

         Introduction to Ojibwe Language I

         Introduction to Ojibwe Language II


Introduction to College

Introduction to Career Exploration I

Introduction to Career Exploration II

Veterinary Medicine I

Veterinary Medicine II

ACT Preparation I




         Pre- and Post-ACT exam

ACT Preparation II




         Pre- and Post-ACT exam

Aerospace Opportunities I

Aerospace Opportunities II

Aerospace Opportunities II

Mock Trial I

Mock Trial II

Mock Trial II

Cyber Summer (a junior high school-age program for students from Milwaukee with emphasis on computer skills and careers.)


For more information contact the office at:

      Phone: (715) 394-8501 or (715) 394-8297

      Fax: (715) 394-8054