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Anthropology (ANTH)


101 The Human Experience (3) Introduction to the principles, concepts and methods of cultural anthropology. Consideration of the ways in which cultural anthropology contributes to the understanding of human diversity. F06, S07, F07, S08


301 Study Abroad (O-6) Field trips designed by the faculty.


302 Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (3) Explores the fields of physical anthropology and archaeology by studying the origin and development of humans and the non-human hominoids. Includes an analysis of anatomy and hominid behavior by examining fossil evidence with method and theory of archaeology. Contemporary archaeological methods and theory presented. Prerequisite: ANTH 101 or ANTH 306 or permission of instructor. S07, S08


306 African Archaeology (3) Introduces the main topics in this field: development of early human life in Africa, origins of human civilization, Iron Age and historical archaeology. Examines archeological sites like Hara, Olduvai Gorge, Iwo Eleru, Daima, Meroe, Jenne, Aksum, Zimbabwe, Kilwa, Igbo Ukwu, Benin and Ife to see how we move from fossils and ruins to theories of history. Contributions of other sciences and sources of history are observed. While this course focuses on Africa, the same principles and techniques of archaeology are used to extract history from archaeology the world over. Cross-listed as HIST 306.


315 Cultural Anthropology (3) Detailed study of the human condition by focusing on a selection of specific cultures. Reading-, film-, lecture- and discussion-based. Prerequisite: ANTH 101 or instructor's permission. S07, S08.


320 Environmental Anthropology (3) Exploration of the impact of environmental issues on indigenous and Third World cultures. Such issues as how humans have adapted physically to differing environments as well as how environmental problems affect cultural survival. Reading, discussion and lecture course. Some student research required. Recommended for any student with an interest in environmental issues on a global level. Prerequisites: ANTH 101 or permission of instructor (A writing course is strongly recommended.) F06, F07


368 Cultures of Mesoamerica (3) Investigates current and past cultures of Mesoamerica such as Aztec and Mayan. Employs both archaeological and ethnographic data in a lecture, readings, film and discussion format. Cross-listed as HIST 368. ANTH 101 highly recommended. F06, F07


490 Selected Topics in Anthropology (3) In-depth study of specialized current topics in Anthropology selected by the instructor. May be repeated once for credit when instructor and/or topics are different. Prerequisite: ANTH 101 or instructor's permission. On demand.


499/699 Independent Study (1-4) Supervised independent study and/or research in Anthropology. Prior contract with instructor is required. Prerequisite: ANTH 101 and instructor's approval. F06, S07, F07, S08