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Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)


095 Collegiate Study Skills (1-3) Develops skills effective in successful college performance. Available to all students. Techniques to improve test taking, note taking, time management, and to help the student with greater understanding.


296 Introduction to Distance Learning (0-1) Provides an overview of distance learning theory and applications to include use of technology, library access, and information literacy. Pass-Fail only.


297 Career Development and Life/Work Planning (1-3) Designed to assist students in identifying personal values, goals, strengths and skills. Provides objective and subjective experiences for students to become aware of their assets, and to use feedback and interpretation in developing both short- and long-range goals. Pass-Fail only. F06, S07, F07, S08


298 Portfolio Development (0-1) Analysis and evaluation of prior learning experiences in the context of academic requirements and goals. Development of an individualized portfolio and plan for the attainment of educational and career goals. Designed primarily for Distance Learning students with significant life and work experience. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor. Pass-Fail only.


300 Individualized Educational Planning (0-1) Identification of educational, career and/or personal goals and the process of developing the individualized major plan. Pass-Fail only.


350 Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Preparation (2) Provides an overview of the exam and the theoretical background as well as solid preparation for students to take the GRE general test. Students prepare for and/or improve their scores with specific strategies in each of the GRE general sections; verbal, quantitative and analytical writing. Specific focus given to success on the computerized version of the GRE and an overview of the writing assessment.


495 Capstone Experience (2-3) Integration of the competencies of the individualized major in a contract format. General Education co-requisite for the Distance Learning Center's individualized major will be satisfied by successful completion of this learning contract. Instructor of record is determined from faculty panel of the major depending on the focus of the learning contract. Students should register for IDS 495 as the last or one of the last course enrollments. Prerequisite: Admission to the Distance Learning Center.