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Individually Designed Programs


The Individually Designed Major offers an option for 1) students whose educational objectives cannot adequately be realized through an existing academic program, or 2) students who live far from campus.  


Individually Designed Major Option for On-Campus Students

On-campus students who have a unique need for a major, and whose needs cannot be met by an existing on-campus program, have the option of developing an Individually Designed Major. This is done with timely advice and guidance from the studentís advisor and in close consultation with a specially appointed advisory panel consisting of at least the student's advisor and two faculty members representing disciplines other than that of the advisor. The petition may not be submitted before the second semester of the studentís sophomore year but must be submitted before the end of the studentís junior year.


The major must total at least 33 credits. At least 18 credits must be earned in courses numbered 300 or higher and must include a capstone experience. When submitting a petition for an Individually Designed Major, a student's grade point average must be at least 3.0 and at least 18 credits in the proposed major shall not yet have been completed.


More comprehensive information concerning the Individually Designed Major is available in the Registrar's Office.


The Individualized Major Option for Distance Education Students

Career and family commitments or distances from the campus are not barriers to completing a degree. Distance education students have the option of designing an academic program unique to their educational, career or personal goals.


The Individualized Major (IM) designed by the distance learner

        requires 54-57 semester credits.

        includes a minimum of three areas of study (disciplines).

        must have a purpose, a theme, a rationale. 

        may include past learning and new learning.

        must be initiated when a student has accumulated 40 credits.

        must include a supportive statement which expands on the rational for the purpose of the major.

        is designed by the student, in cooperation with an advisor, based on  personal and/or career goals. 

        must be approved by the advisor, faculty panel members, the director of the Distance Learning Center, and the UW-Superior Credits Committee. 


In addition to the Individualized Major, the distance learning student must also meet General Education and elective credits requirements for a baccalaureate degree. More information concerning the Individualized Major can be found at the Distance Learning Center website:


Individually Designed Minor

Students in good standing who are at least second-semester sophomores may petition the University Credits Committee for approval of an Individually Designed Minor. The proposed minor must include at least 21 credits; at least 12 of these credits shall not yet have been completed.


Individually Designed Minor proposals require the approval of the student's advisor and the appropriate department chair.


More comprehensive information concerning the Individually Designed Minor is available in the Registrar' Office.