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World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures



Timothy Crow, Professor, German and Spanish

Xingbo Li, Assistant Professor, Chinese

Martin Pflug, Assistant Professor, Spanish

Nicholas Sloboda, Professor, Chair


The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures involves the study of languages, literatures and cultures from an international perspective.


The curriculum seeks to provide students with a linguistic, literary, and cultural fluency in the broadest possible framework: inter-lingual, intercultural, and interdisciplinary.


The department offers students the extraordinary possibilities of exploring a diverse array of languages and literatures from both a historic and contemporary contest. The department also recognizes the interrelationships of language, literature, and culture and, as such, includes cultural studies as a component of its program. 


Overall, through such an international perspective, students experience a broad growth in their intellectual horizons.


The department offers language programs (including minors and individualized majors) in German, Spanish, and Chinese. The department also offers a variety of correlated language study abroad programs. Courses in Japanese and French are also available. In addition, there is a minor in Chinese Language, Literature, and Culture. See respective areas in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog for more information.