Course Descriptions: 2008-2010

      Course Codes and Descriptions (Courses are listed alphabetically by Area of Study.)

    Abbreviation Area of Study
    ACCT Accounting
    AIRS Aerospace Studies
    ANTH Anthropology
    ART Art
    BIOL Biology
    BUS Business
    CHEM Chemistry
    CHIN Chinese
    COMM Communicating Arts
    CIS Computer Information Systems
    CSCI  Computer Science
    COUN Counseling Professions
    CJUS Criminal Justice
    ECON Economics
    EDAD Educational Administration
    ENGL English
    ESL English as a Second Language
    FIN Finance
    FNS First Nations Studies
    FLAN Foreign Language
    FREN French
    GEOG Geography
    GEOL  Geology
    GERM German
    HIST History
    IDS Interdisciplinary Studies
    JAPA Japanese
    LSTU Legal Studies
    LIBS  Library Science
    MATH Mathematics
    MUSI Music
    PHIL Philosophy
    HHP Physical Education
    PHYS Physics
    POLS Political Science
    PSYC Psychology
    SOW Social Work
    SOCI Sociology
    SPAN Spanish
    TED Teacher Education
    TRSP Transportation and Logistics: Management
    WLIT World Literature
    WST Women's and Gender Studies

    Course numbering system

    000-099 Development courses carrying no credit toward degree requirements
    100-299 Lower-division courses recommended for freshmen and sophomores 
    300-499 Upper-division courses recommended for juniors and seniors
    500-699 Senior-level courses. Dual-listed as graduate courses
    700-799 Open only to graduate students 
    800-899 Post-master's or Specialist degree 
    Credits for each course are listed in parentheses after the course number.

    Definition of Terms and Codes

    Prerequisite Course which must be completed before enrolling in a specified course. 
    Corequisite Course must be taken simultaneously with another.
    Pass-Fail Only Course cannot be taken for a grade.
    Consent of Instructor Special arrangements must be made with instructor or department before registering.
    Variable Credit Prior authorization required to enroll in specified number of credits. 
    S Course offered Spring Semester (followed by figures representing the year.)
    F Course offered Fall Semester (followed by figures representing the year.)
    SS Course offered during Summer College Session.
    Concurrent Enrollment Must be taken at the same time.
    (A) Animal, used in conjunction with Biology courses.
    (P) Plant, used in conjunction with Biology courses.
    History course codes  
    1. United States 
    2. European History 
    3. African History
    4. Latin American 
    5. Asian History
    6. Middle Eastern History

    RE   Race and Ethnicity

    G   Gender