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Japanese (JAPA)


101 Beginning Japanese I (3) Study of language fundamentals with emphasis on development of listening and speaking skills. Practice with reading and writing. Japanese script (hiragana, katakana and kanji) is taught from the beginning of the course. Presumes no previous language study. F08, F09


102 Beginning Japanese II (3) Continuation of JAPA 101. Appropriate for someone with up to two years of high school Japanese. Prerequisite: JAPA 101. S09, S10


201 Intermediate Japanese I (3) Builds upon the skills students obtained in first-year Japanese. By the end of this course students should have complete command of adjective, verb, and adverb conjugation. They should also be able to read tests containing a limited number of Kanji (Chinese characters), construct compound sentences, and converse with relative ease on various everyday subjects, such as travel, weather, and shopping. Prerequisites: JAPA 101 and  102, or approval of instructor. F08, F09


202 Intermediate Japanese II (3) Builds upon the skills students obtained in the first semester of second-year Japanese. By the end of this course students should have all the essential grammatical constructions that will allow them to construct sentences expressing almost any basic idea they may want to discuss in Japanese. Students will also learn the basics concerning Japanese honorific language constructions, continue to improve their reading proficiency, be able to discuss more complicated subjects, such as geography, careers, and Japanese culture. Prerequisite: JAPA 101, 102 and 201, or approval of instructor. S09, S10