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Spanish (SPAN)


101 Beginning Spanish I (3) Study of language fundamentals with emphasis on listening, speaking and reading skills. Practice in writing. Presumes no previous Spanish study. F08, S09, F09, S10


102 Beginning Spanish II (3) Continuation of SPAN 101. Appropriate for someone with up to two years of high school Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 101 or equivalent. S09, S10


201 Intermediate Spanish I (3) Review of grammar. Emphasis on oral skills, writing and reading of Spanish. Appropriate for someone with two or three years of high school Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 102, or equivalent. F08, F09


202 Intermediate Spanish II (3) Continuation of SPAN 201. Prerequisite: SPAN 201 or equivalent. S09, S10


300 Advanced Spanish (3) In-depth study of grammar points that pose problems for students of Spanish, practice in composition and the reading of contemporary literature. F08, F09


301 Conversational Spanish (3) Speaking skills developed through reading and discussion of contemporary texts. Prerequisite: SPAN 300 or equivalent. S09, S10


303 Latin American Culture and Civilization (3) Study in the cultural production of Latin American literature, music, and art in the context of contemporary Latin-American history. F08


315 Voices of Hispanic Women (3) This course, taught in English, focuses on the lives and experiences of Hispanic women writers and artists from Latin America and the United States. Examines the present status of women as they leave the traditional setting of home and emerge into the public sphere of influence and power. Studies the effects of poverty, war, and revolution on women and their families as well as the impact of immigration on identity and self. Cross-listed as WST 315. Students registering under SPAN 315 will be required to write all papers and examinations in Spanish.


350 Latino Culture in the U.S. (3) This course, taught in Spanish, serves as an introduces the art, literature, and history of Chicanos or Mexican-Americans, Puerto-Rican Americans, and Cuban-Americans. Students must have completed SPAN 300, or equivalent, with C+ or better. S09


360 Special Topics in Literature and Culture (3) Studies in Hispanic Literature and/or Culture. Taught in Spanish. May be repeated for up to nine credits with different content. Prerequisite: SPAN 300 or consent of instructor. F09


399 Study Abroad (1-7) For participants in the study abroad program to Peru taking 300-level courses. Can be used to fulfill requirements of a minor or individualized major in Spanish.


498/698 Independent Study (1-6) For advanced students who have successfully completed upper-division-level courses in Spanish and are capable of independent work. Studies carried on under direction of instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Prior approval of instructor required. F08, S09, F09, S10