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Broad Field Science Major

Broad Field Science Teaching Major



Broad Field Science


Broad Field Science Major


A total of 54 credits in science are required, distributed as follows:


1. A minimum of eight credits in each of the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics. The required courses are listed below.



BIOL 130 Principles of Biology I                                                                      4 credits

BIOL 132 Principles of Biology II                                                                     4 credits

Total:                                                                                                                8 credits



CHEM 105 General Chemistry                                                                         5 credits

CHEM 106 General Chemistry                                                                         4 credits

Total:                                                                                                                9 credits


Earth Science

GEOL 110 Physical Geology                                                                            4 credits

GEOL 130 Environmental Geology                                                                   4 credits

Total:                                                                                                                 8 credits



PHYS 107 General Physics                                                                              4 credits

PHYS 108 General Physics                                                                              4 credits

Total:                                                                                                                 8 credits


PHYS 201 General Physics                                                                              5 credits

PHYS 202 General Physics                                                                              5 credits

Total:                                                                                                                10 credits


2. Additional credits in two of the four areas listed above from courses which normally satisfy the major or minor requirements for a minimum of 14 credits in two distinct subjects. Biology and Geology credits must be selected from courses at the 200 level or higher.


3. Additional credits can be selected from any of the four areas to bring the total credits to 54.



Broad Field Science Teaching Major
at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence Level (EA-A)

Students desiring licensure to teach science at the early adolescence through adolescence level must complete the Broad Field Science major described above, making sure that they have completed the equivalent of a minor in biology, chemistry or physics. In addition, all Secondary Education students must meet the Professional Education Requirements (see the Secondary Education Certification section of this catalog) including completion of BIOL, CHEM, or PHYS 339 Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools. A minimum of six credits in mathematics is also required for teacher certification. See your advisor for recommended classes.