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Xingbo Li, Assistant Professor


The Chinese program introduces students to the Chinese language and Chinese culture. The various courses offered enable students to lay the groundwork for fluency in Chinese and to enhance practical language skills for specific career purposes. Students may complete a Chinese Language Minor (Liberal Arts Minor).


The Chinese program seeks to educate students to become more effective participants in the global community by promoting international and ethnic awareness and sensitivity to other cultures.


Chinese Language Minor

(Liberal Arts Minor)

21 credits

Required courses:

CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I                                                                         3 credits

CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II                                                                       3 credits

CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I                                                                    3 credits

CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II                                                                   3 credits

(Any or all of the above courses can be reduced or eliminated by making a grade of B- or better in the next higher course. For example, a student who completes a 300-level Chinese course with a grade of B- or better will receive retrocredits to his or her transcript for CHIN 101, 102, 201, and 202 for a total of 12 retrocredits in Chinese.)


A further nine 300-level credits to be chosen by availability from:

CHIN 300 Advanced Chinese                                                                          3 credits

CHIN 301 Chinese Conversation                                                                     3 credits

CHIN 351 Chinese Civilization and Culture                                                       3 credits