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First Nations Studies



Gary W. Johnson, Director and Assistant Professor

Chip Beal, Assistant Professor


First Nations Studies is one of three programs housed in the Department of Human Behavior and Diversity. The other two programs are the Psychology and Social Work programs.


The First Nations Studies program seeks to promote an understanding and awareness of First Nations people. The program provides the opportunity for First Nations people and non-First Nations people alike to increase their knowledge of the origin of First Nations people in terms of history, culture and philosophy.


The differences between First Nations people and non-First Nations people will be examined through courses on culture and philosophy to gain a true understanding of the First Nations people. Stereotypes will be addressed through history courses with the goal of students gaining an appreciation of First Nations people and their contributions to the world. Other courses will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the role of the First Nations people in the cultural development of the world.


First Nations Studies Minor

24 credits minimum

Required courses:

FNS 101 Beginning Ojibwa Language                                                              4 credits

FNS 110 Survey of First Nations Culture                                                          3 credits              

FNS 151 Introduction to Tribal Administration                                                  3 credits         

FNS 242 First Nations Values and Spiritual Beliefs                                           3 credits

FNS 350 First Nations History I                                 


FNS 351 First Nations History II                                                                      3 credits



FNS 102 Intermediate Ojibwa Language                                                          4 credits

FNS 221 First Nations Wisconsin History                                                         3 credits

FNS 230 First Nations Myths and Legends                                                      3 credits

FNS 304 First Nations Literature                                                                      3 credits

FNS 307 Ojibwa Culture                                                                                 3 credits

FNS 310 Historical Foundations of First Nations Education                              3 credits

FNS 386 Social Work Practice with American Indian Families                          3 credits

FNS 410 First Nations Law                                                                             3 credits

FNS 430 Contemporary Issues in First Nations Society                                    3 credits

FNS 460 The Study of First Nations Women                                                    3 credits

FNS 480 First Nations Society and Culture: Field Research                              3 credits

FNS 481 Counseling the First Nations                                                              3 credits

FNS 486 Special Topics                                                                                  1-4 credits

FNS 490 Independent Study                                                                            1-4 credits