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Physical Environmental Science Minor

Water Resources Management Minor






William Bajjali, Associate Professor, GIS and Earth Science


Courses are available in Geology. For more information, see Geology in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog.


Physical Environmental Science Minor

21 credits

Viable employment opportunities exist for graduates in the areas of hydrogeology and environmental remediation. Well-qualified scientists with a background in geology, hydrology, chemistry and geographic information systems (GIS) are required to meet this need.


Required courses:

GEOL 110 Physical Geology                                                                            4 credits

GEOL 300 Watershed Hydrogeology                                                               4 credits

GEOL 360 Surficial Processes and Soil                                                            4 credits


Plus at least nine credits from the following list of classes1:

BIOL 300 Marine Biology                                                                                3 credits

BIOL 340 Ecology                                                                                           4 credits

BIOL 350 Limnology                                                                                       3 credits

CHEM 205 Quantitative Analysis Lecture                                                         3 credits

CHEM 206 Quantitative Analysis Lab                                                              2 credits

CHEM 300 Chemistry of Natural Waters                                                         3 credits

CHEM 312 Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lecture*                                   3 credits

CHEM 313 Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab*                                        2 credits

GEOG 241 Fundamentals of GIS I                                                                   4 credits

GEOG 343 Fundamentals of GIS II                                                                  4 credits

GEOL 130 Environmental Geology                                                                   4 credits

GEOL 350 Physical Oceanography                                                                  3 credits

GEOL 481 Special Topics                                                                                1-4 credits

GEOL 491 Undergraduate Research**                                                            1-4 credits

GEOL 496 Internship**                                                                                    1-4 credits


1 Classes used to fulfill the requirements of the Chemistry or Biology major cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of this minor.


*CHEM 320/321 and CHEM 322/323 can be substituted.


**A combined maximum of four credits may be earned in GEOL 491 and 496.


Water Resources Management Minor

22 credits

Students will complete the Water Resources Management Program at Vermilion Community College in Ely, Minn. UW-Superior students may take one year of study at Vermilion and complete the minor at UW-Superior. All students will be required to complete two approved courses (see below) numbered over 300 at UW-Superior.


Required courses include:

No.  Name   Credits Campus Transfer No.
WQAL/WSHD 1656 Environmental Compliance 3 Vermilion GEOL 189
WQAL/WHSD/NRT 1258 Soils and Hydrology 3 Vermilion GEOL 189
WQAL/WHSD 2265 Water and Wastewater Analysis 5 Vermilion GEOL 289
GEOL 300 Watershed Hydrology 4 UW-Superior  



No.  Name   Credits Campus Transfer No.
WQAL/WSHD 1255 Field Visits 1-3 Vermilion GEOL 189
WQAL/WHSD 2268 Water Management 3 Vermilion GEOL 289
WQAL 2269 Water and Wastewater Analysis II 3 Vermilion CHEM 300



No.  Name   Credits Campus Transfer No.
CHEM 300 Water Chemistry 3 UW-Superior  
ESCI 1559 Meteorology 3 Vermilion GEOL 189
GEOL 360 Surficial Processes and Soils 4 UW-Superior  
LSTU 303 Environmental Law and Regulation 3 UW-Superior