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Richard Hudelson, Professor


Philosophy Minor

Students pursuing a minor in Philosophy must complete 21 credits. The following courses are required:

PHIL 151 Introduction to Philosophy                                                                3 credits

PHIL 211 Contemporary Moral Problems                                                        3 credits


In addition, students are required to take either:

PHIL 212 Critical Thinking


PHIL 214 Elementary Symbolic Logic                                                              3 credits


The remaining semester credits may be earned from among the other offerings in philosophy provided at least nine credits for the minor are from 300-level courses or above.


In addition, the following courses count for the Philosophy minor:

FNS 242 First Nations Values and Spiritual Beliefs                                           3 credits

PHYS 448 Atomic and Quantum Physics                                                          3 credits

PSYC 494 History and Systems of Psychology                                                 3 credits

SOCI 371 The Sociological Tradition                                                               3 credits