Great Lakes Maritime Publications
The Maritime Collections also contain additional small runs or individual copies of other publications. (Dates are approximate due to additions)

American Shipbuilder (occasional)

Anchor News (1979-1996)

Cliffs Clipper (1979-1982)

Columbia Fore’N’Aft (1959-1963)

Detroit Marine Historian (1947-1999)

Duluth Seaway Port Authority (1959-)

The Fisherman (1970’s-1980’s)

Great Lakes News (1940-1973)

Great Lakes Newsletter (1960-1984)

Great Lakes Reporter (1984-1991)

Historical Society of America (1947-1958)

Inland Seas (1945-)

Lacustrine Lessons (1981-1988)

Lake Carriers Association Bulletin (1943-1986)

Lake Carriers Association Annual Reports (1907-2004)

Lake Log Chips (1972-1992)

Lake Superior Magazine

Lake Superior Port Cities Magazine

Log (Interlake Shipping Co. – 1956-1986)

Limnos (scattered dates)

Marine News (Journal of the World Ship Society – 1963-86)

Nor’Easter (Lake Superior Marine Museum Association)

Pittsburgh Sidelights

The Scanner (1969-1975)

Seaway Review

Skilling’s Mining Review (complete)

Soundings (American Steamship Co. – 1980-1999)

Soundings (WI Marine Historical Society – 1960-1999)

Steamboat Bill (1940-)

Telescope (1952-)

Thunder Bay (ON) Historical Society (1973-1997)