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Action Learning Circles List of trained facilitators

Action Learning Circles (ALCs also known as peer learning and peer coaching) help individuals apply information to real-life challenges, manage their own learning, and encourage peers to share feedback. Carter McNamara and his team of consultants are the national leaders in this field. In this session, he will provide us with an introduction to this concept and guide participants through a practice session. You will be invited to meet with your group again in the weeks following this presentation to continue the conversation. Join us to find out why ALCs have experienced increasing popularity in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

ALCs are growing in popularity in nonprofits as well as for-profits. They encourage participants to work on current real-life challenges and exchange feedback with other group members.

Are you interested in starting or joining an Action Learning Circle in your nonprofit or with nonprofit colleagues? We have trained volunteers who could help facilitate your Circle.  See our list of trained facilitators.

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