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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Northwoods Nonprofits?
About us

Who is involved?
Partners, Sponsors, Funders, Northwood Guides

What are Action Learning Circles?
Click here for more information.

Can I attend the educational sessions but not the Action Learning Circles?
Each individual needs to take from this program what best meets their needs. While we encourage all nonprofit staff to become involved in an Action Learning Circle, we recognize that it is not possible for everyone to do so.

How much are the Action Learning Circles?
The ALCs are free.

Who will facilitate the Action Learning Circles?
We have trained volunteer facilitators who will assist. However, there may be occasions where the group will need to "self-facilitate". In this case, all participants will have materials to assist them.

How are ALCs organized?
We will try to organize them according to size of nonprofit and staff responsibilities so that people can participate in groups that are somewhat homogeneous.

Where do ALCs meet?
We might suggest your first meeting location. After that, it will be up to each group to meet at a convenient location for all.

How was the project funded?

How can I post a vacancy on my board of directors?
Go to the board section.

What is a PAIR for registration purposes?
A pair is a nonprofit staff member and a volunteer/board member. We discounted their rate to encourage participation. Research indicates that an engaged board is key to a nonprofit's success.

Why Brainerd Lakes and Chequamegon Bay?
The University of Wisconsin-Superior's Center for Continuing Education has a natural constituency in Chequamegon Bay and in the Twin Ports. However, since 60% of our market is in Minnesota, it made sense to seek the involvement of a key community. The Brainerd Lakes Area expressed the greatest interest and mobilized local funders to participate.

What happens when the funding ceases?
We hope that each community will continue to sponsor educational programs. We see the web page continuing through corporate sponsorships which will help us fund the cost of a student to oversee its maintenance.


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