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Consultants for Nonprofits (Wisconsin Only)

I frequently get calls requesting recommendations for nonprofit consultants. I don't feel comfortable in doing that given my educational role. Secondly, a consultant that works well with one organization may not work well with a completely different nonprofit organization.

I would strongly recommend crafting a request for proposal (RFP) that spells out the services that you wish to secure. This RFP should stipulate the work plan, expectations, and time frame. Typically, you would then review the proposals that are submitted and narrow the proposals down to a small number that could be interviewed by a board or committee. For more resources and details on how to do this, please see:

"Getting and Working With Nonprofit Consultants" in the "Free Management Library".

If you are working in Wisconsin, the best list of private consultants that I have seen for the nonprofit sector can be found at U.W. Milwaukee.  If you are a consultant in Wisconsin and you are not listed here....please don't e-mail me. Instead, please take the time to register with this database.

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