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Financial Management/Analysis

Analysis of FASB 116 - Offers some key definitions of terms (Accounting for contributions received and contributions made) used by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Analysis of FASB 117 - Offers some key definitions of terms (Financial Statements) used by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Basic Guide to Non-Profit Financial Management - This section of the free Nonprofit Management library offers a variety of perspectives and tools relating to financial management, including a basic overview of the accounting process and its key terms.

Charitable Gaming Information for the State of Wisconsin - The Division of Gaming's Office of Charitable Gaming is responsible for the licensing and regulation of bingo and raffles conducted by charitable organizations in Wisconsin, along with the registration of crane games that are distributed by private vendors for amusement purposes. Please see this site developed by the Department of Administration for more information on this topic.

Community Wealth - Read case studies, models, tips and news about well-known and little-known entrepreneurial efforts to generate resources to promote social change.

Corporate Alternatives Inc. - Founded by Peter Brinckerhoff, this site is dedicated to the concept that a not-for-profit organization is a mission-based business, in the business of doing its mission. Peter provides a wealth of resources and suggestions to help make your nonprofit mission capable.

Discover Total Resources: A Guide for Nonprofits - The purpose of this guide is to help you-board members, staff, volunteers-discover resources and techniques that the Mellon Corporation has
seen used effectively by a variety of nonprofits. They want to change your way of thinking. take you beyond traditional "checkbook philanthropy" to the concept of total community resources. This 7 chapter resource is free as a downloadable pdf file.

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) - Information on the FASB is provided on the Rutgers University web site.

Form 990 from the IRS - Download form 990 along with other important forms in a number of formats from the IRS web site.

Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of Financial Management - An FAQ web page on the Alliance web site which outlines elements of a financial statement, describes how to interpret a financial statement, describes the audit process, etc.

Guidestar - Search for financial information on over 700,000 U.S. nonprofit organizations.

Internet Nonprofit Center - FAQ section on a variety of financial management questions.

Nonprofit Financial Center - An Illinois based support organization who's mission is to strengthen the viability of communities by enhancing the financial stability and management capacity of the nonprofits, individuals, and organizations that support those communities.

Nonprofit Resource Center - A commercial web site (maintained by John Farino, C.P.A) which addresses accounting standards & government regulations for nonprofits.

Online Compendium of Federal and State Regulations for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations - A commercial web site that provides a collection of materials presenting the current regulatory environment faced by U.S. nonprofit organizations.

Sales Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations - A publication by the Wisconsin Department of Regulations which explains which sales are subject to sales tax.

The U.S. Nonprofit Organization's Public Disclosure Regulations Site - A commercial web site for NPO administrators and others that describes the IRS requirements for disclosing and providing public access to an organizations' financial records.

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