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Ann Castle's Women in Philanthropy Resource Page - Ongoing research for, and hosting of the Women in Philanthropy site established by Ann Castle is now provided by the University of Michigan Office of Development.

Better Business Bureaus' Wise Giving Alliance: A merger of the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus' Foundation and its Philanthropic Advisory Service provides reports on charitable organizations.

Charity Navigator - This independent charity navigator works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of America's largest charities.

Disclosure Laws - Almost all tax-exempt organizations are now required to provide public access in a timely fashion to their most recent three years of federal tax returns and to their original Application for Recognition of Exemption. The Internet Nonprofit Center does a good job of explaining how nonprofits should respond to these kinds of requests. See also, "Behind Closed Doors: A Citizens Guide to Investigating Nonprofit Organizations", by Jean Field (This is on old article now archived on the Wayback Machine web site).

Donors Forum of Wisconsin - The Donors Forum of Wisconsin mission is to advance philanthropy through membership, professional development, networking, collaboration, public policy and leadership. For more than 20 years, the Donors Forum of Wisconsin has been a statewide resource for philanthropy.

Form 990 Web Site Project - This site demonstrates the ability to store and retrieve Form 990 submissions. All sizable nonprofit organizations must submit a completed Form 990 annually. Many state governments also rely on the 990 for nonprofit financial reporting.

Fundraising Productivity Series a helpful resource for thinking about which charities merit your support . This resource is located in a new section of "The Nonprofit Files" maintained by Putnam Barber's Information for Nonprofits

Generous Giving - This web site has an outstanding list of links to articles describing general philanthropy trends

Guidestar: At this site, a donor can search guideStar's on-line database for a report on a nonprofit organization by its location, revenue, key word or activity field. "Just as you wouldn't invest money in a company you don't know anything about, a donor shouldn't give money to an organization without understanding its objectives, values, and effectiveness", says PRI president Arthur Schmidt Jr. Caution: Data base is based on IRS data from form 990 (or a financial statement if revenue is below $25,000). Some of the data is old (1992), and many small organizations have less then $25,000 in income.

iGive.com: Now you can support your favorite worthy cause while you shop on line.

Internet Nonprofit Center: Has a searchable database of nonprofits that have filed for tax-exempt status with the IRS.

IRS Non-Profit List: The IRS now has an online version of Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations. It is intended to assist you in learning if an organization is exempt from federal taxation and, if so, determining how much of your contributions to that organization are tax deductible.

Learning to Give (formerly the K-12 Education in Philanthropy Project) - Learning to Give seeks to perpetuate a civil society by:
educating children about the independent sector (knowledge), developing behavior and philanthropic experience (skills), and, stimulating private voluntary citizen action for the common good (behavior).

National Charities Information Bureau: Monitors charities with budgets of $500,000 and up.

Three Guineas Fund - Promotes social justice for women and girls by expanding access to opportunity in education and the economy through targeted grants. The foundation was named after Virginia Woolf's 1938 book, "Three Guineas," to reflect the fund's mission and theory of change. In the essay, Woolf responds to three requests for a guinea-a British gold coin-one for building a women's college, one for promoting women's employment, and one to prevent war and protect intellectual liberty.

Women & Philanthropy Association - An association of grantmakers, women and men who recognize that effective solutions to our most pressing societal issues cannot be developed without specific attention to the critical needs and distinctive talents of all women.

Women In Philanthropy Institute - Inspires, educates and encourages women to effect change in the world through philanthropy.

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