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Outcome Measurement

Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide - A U.W. Extension resource that ncludes handouts and printed slide notes pages. The Guide includes ice breakers, FAQs and 17 hands-on activities with printable handouts for basic understanding and development of logic models.

Evaluation and Accountability Resources - University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension links to evaluation and accountability resources.

Evaluation Documents - These publications are currently available for evaluating University Extension programs. They are practical, easy-to-use guides designed to help Extension faculty better plan and implement credible and useful evaluations. They also may be useful to agencies or funders who are seeking assistance with realistic evaluation strategies. The documents were produced by the  University of Wisconsin-Extension Program Development and Evaluation Unit and are available for free as Adobe Acrobat pdf files or for sale as print documents.

International Center for Performance Measurement - The ICMA Center for Performance Measurement is dedicated to helping local governments measure, compare, and improve municipal service delivery. ICMA's Comparative Performance Measurement Program currently assists approximately 120 cities and counties in the United States and Canada with the collection, analysis, and application of performance information.

Outcome Measurement Resource Network - United Way of America's web-based Outcome Measurement Resource Network provides information downloadable documents, and links to other resources related to identification and measurement of program and community-level outcomes.

Social Outcome Information Management System - Developed by the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund.

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