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Strategic Planning/Program Planning

Facilitator's Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning - This guidebook ($30) is a straightforward primer and reference manual for nonprofit strategic planning.

Nonprofit Genie FAQ on Strategic Planning - A good source of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Strategic Planning.

Overview of Nonprofit Program Planning - Just like the name says!...an overview of the program planning process by Dr. Carter McNamara of the Nonprofit Management Assistance Progam.

Resource Network on Outcome Measurement - United Way guide to resources for measuring program outcomes for health, human service, and youth and family serving agencies.

Strategic Planning Manual - A description of the planning model by LI faculty member Frank Martinelli (47 pages). This is a self published pdf document with several outstanding worksheets. This is also available as a Word '95 file for individuals interested in having worksheets that could be edited within Word.

Strategic Planning FAQ's - Frequently asked questions responded to by LI faculty member Frank Martinelli.

Strategic Planning in Smaller Nonprofit Organizations: A Practical Guide for the Process - This short guide is designed to help board members and the staff of smaller nonprofit organizations develop strategic plans that can help them strengthen and sustain their organization's achievements. Authored by Dr. Jan W. Lyddon, Western Michigan University. April 1999.

Strategic Planning Organizational Assessment Tool - An assessment tool for nonprofit organizations interested in evaluating their strategic planning efforts.

Strategic Planning Workbook - A description of an outstanding workbook published by the Amherst Wilder Foundation ($25).

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