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Searching for other nonprofit agencies or information helpful to nonprofit organizations? Check out these links to other resources on the Internet. Links are organized by a number of categories. Please note that these web sites are not maintained by the University of Wisconsin Extension and we are not responsible for their content. If you know of a site you think we should add, send e-mail to andy.lewis@uwex.edu and let us know (Please provide us with a suggested category, description, and URL)! Reviews are conducted by Professor Andrew B. Lewis, Center for Community Economic Development, University of Wisconsin Extension.

Nonprofit Link Categories:

Board Development/Governance
Conflict/Dispute Resolution

Consultants for Nonprofits (Wisconsin Only)

Cultural Diversity
Financial Management
Foundation Information
Fund-raising & Grant Writing
Getting Your Nonprofit Noticed On the Internet
How to Dissolve/Change a Nonprofit Organization
How To Start a Nonprofit Organization
Nonprofit Employment
Outcome Measurement
Planned Giving
Publications (Electronic & Print)

Risk Management
Social Entrepreneurship/Nonprofit Enterprise
State & Federal Government
Strategic Alliances/Collaboration
Strategic Planning/Program Planning
University of Wisconsin Resources for the Nonprofit Community
Volunteer Resources/Service Learning Centers
Other Nonprofit Links & Resources


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