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This is me with two of my evolving bacterial cultures.†† Learn more about my research here

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Office: Barstow 202A

Telephone: (715)-394-8320; Fax: (715)-394-8418; E-mail: rseelke@uwsuper.edu

Office hours ( Spring 2013)

9-10, 2-3, MWF, or by appointment.If Iím in, Iíll almost always talk to you!

Class schedule (Fall  2012):

Biol 330,Genetics, three hours lecture (MWF, 10:00,SWEN 1055) and two, two hour labs (Thursdays, 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, B-102)- Lab taught primarily by Mr. Ben Cogger.

Biol 355, Microbiology, Three hours lecture (MWF, 2:00,Mc133), Lab 1-3 T, B-102

Class Schedule, Spring :(Times may be subject to change)

Last Spring, I had a GREAT sabbatical at the U. of MN, St. Paul campus.

I usually teach Cell Biology and either Immunology or Lab Techniques each Spring, with Immunology scheduled for Spring 2013 . Ignore the information below.

Biol 440-1,5,Cell Biology:  1:00 MWF, B-108; Labs 10-12 and 1-3, T.,

Biol 318, Immunology, 8:00 MWF, B-102

In even springs, I teach

Biol/Chem 465, lab techniques- this will run, in 2014 for about 9 days in January before the start of the semester

Course Material and other resources:   Now that I've put together PowerPoint presentations on many of my lectures,I will have Genetics and Microbiology notes and presentations on D2L.  The latest versions (the ones I'm lecturing off) will be found here, however. I have also linked (or will link) the course web pages so you can access them directly from D2L.

How to do well in my courses

Animal Physiology Genetics†† Cell Biology††† Microbiology†† ImmunologyEnvironmental Science Research web page

Lab Techniques courseBiology 123 online bits and pieces

Some of my favorite quotes

Recent scientific presentations and papers

For inspiring/controversial/interesting views from John Piper, go to the Desiring God web site.

Here are some papers and presentations that I've written/given on science, evolution, and some links to similar topics: 

Many of these are similar- the older ones have more complete arguments, while the newer ones have more recent data.

When to believe a 

Scientist: a paper I wrote

for the 1996 "Truth" seminars

 Science and Faith:  Why science actually makes

belief in a personal God very reasonable 

Origin of Life: a critique of  the standard story

What can evolution REALLY do? Part IV, 3/09

What can evolution REALLY do? 5/08

What can evolution REALLY do? Part III 4/07

Why I am a doubter of evolution- 4/11/

What Can Evolution REALLY DO?  Paper 8/05



Science Education and the

Culture Wars : The future of 

Science Education


Evidence for Design in Nature

After Darwin's Black Box: Where Does 

A Laboratory Scientist Go To Contribute? 

Some Ways to test evolutionary theory

Links to my favorite web sites:

  • Science magazine: an excellent way to keep up with science.
  • the UWS Department of Natural Sciences: information about other faculty, programs, and activities
  • Cru at UW-Superior (I'm faculty advisor)
  • Leadership U., Faculty Commons Ministryís web site: LOTS of good stuff on the intellectual validity of Christianity. In particular, Phillip Johnson's web site is a good one. He is one of the leading critics of evolution today. Resources for the majority opinion about evolution are everywhere, so I have chosen not to include most of them.  However, "Best of the web" does have a section on Intelligent Design does have a few good links, although its bias is clear when the first link is to "opposing views"
  • The most challenging theologian that I know- who's provoked thought about the nature of God and purpose that I hadn't EVER had in 50+ years, is John Piper.  The web site for Bethlehem Baptist Church has links to his thoughts on Desiring God
  • Minnesota Family Council

Some things about myself:

I'm 61 years old, and was educated through my BS in the South (Clemson University, '73). I spent two years in the Army on active duty (I was a tank platoon leader, among other things) and retired from the Army Reserve in 2000. In 1977 I married a Minnesotan, and went to graduate school at the U. of Minnesota and the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, finishing my Ph.D. in microbiology in 1981. I stayed at Mayo until 1983, and I've been a professor at various places since then, and at UW-Superior since 1989. My wife Julie and I have been married 33 years, and we have three children: Andrew (A computer scientist/engineer in St. Paul, and father of Clara and Bethany), Peter (lives and work in Duluth), and Heidi (A predoctoral student in the English Department at Baylor University, Waco TX).  In Spring 2004, I went on Sabbatical at Stanford U.  Here are some pictures of me and the family from 2004.

My hobbies include my work- Iím greatly privileged to be able to ask a monumental research question: What can evolution REALLY do?? Answering that question is one of my great passions in life. My family is also my hobby. I cross-country ski with my daughter and my wife, occasionally run with my daughter (and also with my sheltie, Tacy, who isn't really fond of running), and am usually found doing things with my family when I'm not at work. I also have an ongoing interest in Christian apologetics, which sometimes overlaps my professional career. I am convinced that Christianity is not only true, but that it is perhaps the only way of viewing the world that allows you to have both meaning and rationality in life.

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