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Diagnostic Pretest This has the Pretest that I gave on Sept. 3 '08, plus another pretest that will give you a hint at some of the future topics.

Practice Exam 1- 2012; 2013

Practice Exam 2 -2012; 2013

Practice Exam 3 -2012; 2013

NOTE: the exams below contain many more exam questions than the practice exams. Use these only after you've used the practice exams.  They are from an old test bank, so not all of the questions will be applicable.

Exam1ALL; Exam 2 ALL; Exam 2b ALL; Exam 3 ALL; Exam 4 ALL; Exam 5 ALL

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Homework for October 11, 2013

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Laboratory exercises   

    Probability Exercise

    Drosophila Exercise

    Sordaria Exercises

    PCR Lab

    Bioinformatics exercise

    Mutation and Antibiotic resistance  lab

    Gene Manipulation Labs

    Linkage Homework

    Extra problems in linkage/population genetics with answers

Lab Final Exam

Population genetics homework