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Looking for a home church? We know a great one...

Alot of people ask, "What makes you different?" Aside from our personality quirks and weirdnesses, the best answer is: our home church. You certianly don't have to go to our church to be a part of Street Level, but if you're looking for a church while you're away from home, we've got just the thing...

JFB Duluth The church's site
An explanation of who Street Level is and what we exist for.

Why an integrated campus ministry?

Why connect the campus to the church...

We want to be part of something big. Something world changing. Something life-shaping. That's why Street Level is integrated into the life of a local church: Jesus Fellowship of Believers. Jesus said that He would build His church and the gates of Hell wouldn't be able to stand against it. He also gave the mission of reaching the world with the Gospel to His church in order to be accomplished through the church.

Since it doesn't get any bigger and more world-changing than that, we have a passion to be part of God's unstoppable, eternal mission through the local church. We are both supported by JFB Duluth and integrated into the life of the church so that we can grow as disciples and fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Being part of JFB Duluth gives us access to missions endeavors, service opportunities, and discipleship that we could get no other way. Even better, it ensures that our lives and work will outlast our organization, campus, and city since it is connected to the one thing that will never die: the Church.

You don't have to be part of JFB Duluth in order to be part of Street Level, but if you're looking for a home church stop by and visit . . . we just might be the church for you.

Where do I go to find Street Level?

Service Times and Location

Here's where you can find us...

Sunday Mornings 10:30 AM

Wednesday Evenings 7:00 PM

Phone: 218.409.9660