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Papers in Refereed Journals & Conference Proceedings

1.      Bajjali W, Al-Hadidi K, Ismail M (2015) Water Quality and Geochemistry Evaluation of Groundwater Upstream and Downstream of the Khirbet Al-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant / Jordan. Journal of Applied Water Science, DOI: 10.1007/s13201-014-0263-x

2.      Bajjali W (2012) Water Quality Assessment of Newton Creek and Its Effect on Hog Island Inlet of Lake Superior. Journal of Water Quality, Exposure and Health, 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s12403-012-0071-1.

3.      Bajjali W (2012) Spatial variability of environmental isotope and chemical content of precipitation in Jordan and evidence of slight change in climate. Journal of Applied Water Science, volume 2, issue 4, pp 271-283. DOI: 10.1007/s13201-012-0046-1.

4.      Bajjali W, Davidson D, Balcer M (2009)  Interdisciplinary Research in Ecology Using GIS Technique at Kimmes Tobin. 29th Annual ESRI International User Conference, July 1317, 2009, San Diego, CA, USA

5.      Bajjali W (2008) Evaluation of groundwater in a three-aquifer system in Ramtha area, Jordan: recharge mechanism, hydraulic relationship and geochemical evolution. Hydrogeology Journal, Vol. 16, Number 6: 1193-1205

6.      Davidson D W, Gitar R, Bajjali W, Anderson D S (2007) Past and Present Landscapes and Plant Cover of the Kimmes-Tobin Mitigated Wetlands, Foxboro, Douglas County, Wisconsin. (07-0160): 86th TRB Annual Meeting - January 21-25, 2007, Washington DC, USA

7.      Bajjali W, Hooper D, Hagedorn S, Schueller P (2006) Groundwater Evaluation in Wisconsin Using Chemical and Radioactive Environmental Isotope Techniques in GIS Environment. 91st Annual Meeting of the National Council for Geographic Education, Lake Tahoe, Nevada October 5-8, 2006

8.      Bajjali W and Al-Hadidi K (2006) Recharge origin, overexploitation, and sustainability of water resources in an arid area from Azraq basin, Jordan: case study. HYDROLOGY RESEARCH, Vol.37 (3), pp.277-292.

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10.  Bajjali W (2005) Model the effect of four artificial recharge dams on the quality of groundwater using geostatistical methods in GIS environment, Oman. Journal of Spatial Hydrology, Vol. 5, No.2

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14.  Bajjali W (2002) Characterize the Process of Denitrification in Contaminated Shallow Groundwater by Hydrocarbon Using GIS System in Nizwa Area, Oman: 2002 UCOWR/NIWR Annual Conference "Integrated Transboundary Water Management" July 23-26, Traverse City, MI, USA.

15.  Bajjali W (2002) Characterizing the Hydrocarbon Contamination in Shallow Groundwater Using GIS in Sharqieh Area, Oman. Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry Midwest Chapter & Society of Toxicology Northland Chapter. USEPA, April 9-10 Duluth, MN, USA, .

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21.  Bajjali W (1997) Using a Fuzzy Logic Model in SPANS-GIS to Determine the Vulnerability to Contamination of the Amman-Zarqa Area Aquifer, Jordan. The Tunisian Water Forum, Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies, Tunis, July 16-18.

22.  Bajjali W (1996) Examining the Recharge Area for Three Aquifer Systems in the Yarmouk Basin (Jordan) Using SPANS-GIS Environment, Building the Community Through GIS, University of Memphis, Tennessee, USA, April, 1996.

23.  Clark ID, Bajjali W, Phipps G Ch (1995) Constraining 14C Ages in Sulphate Reducing Groundwaters: Two Case Studies From Arid Regions. IAEA-SM-336, pp. 43-56, Vienna.

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