GEOL 110 Physical Geology


Instructor: Dr. William Bajjali                                        Office: Barstow – 207 A

E-mail:                                      Phone: (715) 394 – 8056

Office Hours: MWR (1 – 2 p.m.)


Lecture:                                                                                  Rm. 103 Barstow Hall             

Monday & Wednesday                                                            (8:30 – 11:30 AM)

Tuesday & Thursday                                                                (8:30 – 9:30 AM)                                  


Laboratory:                                                                             Rm. 107 Barstow Hall             

Tuesday & Thursday                                                                (9:30– 11:45 AM)       


Text: Understanding Earth, 5th  Ed., Grotzinger and Jordan, by Press Siever


Course description: Physical Geology is the science of the earth, the materials of which it is composed, and the processes that are acting upon them. The course includes the following subjects: minerals, rocks, the rock cycle, earth's internal structure, plate tectonics, geologic structures, earthquakes, water resources, and climate.

Physical Geology is a laboratory science course, however, instead of dedicating a specific day of the week to laboratory work, the lecture and laboratory elements will be integrated. Most class meetings will include an investigative activity that requires your direct participation.


Attendance: Lecture and Lab attendance is strongly recommended. Both the lectures and the lab materials are core curriculum of the course. The question of the exam will be entirely from the lecture and the lab material.


Exam Make-Up: All lecture make-up exams will be given during final exam week. Dr. Bajjali must be notified within 24 hours prior to missing an exam via voice mail (394-8056) or email in order for student to be eligible to make up an excused lecture exam.




Exam I, & Lab Exam1  30 %

Project                                     25 %

Quizzes                                    15 %

Lab Final Exam                        15 %   

Lecture Final Exam                   15 %


Grades will be earned in accordance with the following grading scale:


93 – 100 A                  80 – 84 B                     65 – 69 C                    50 – 54 D

89 – 92  A-                         75 – 79 B-                          60 – 64 C-                      Below  50 F

85 – 88 B+                         70 – 74 C+                         55 – 59 D+                                        

Project: This course is project based. Therefore, each student should carry out a project and present the final results into class. The instructor expects from the student the following:



The duration of the presentation should be 15 minutes (10 for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). Your presentation should be simple, clear and make it exciting.  


Chose your paper subject from the following topics:


  1. Volcanism (Ch 12)
  2. Earthquakes (Ch 13)
  3. Climate System (Ch 17)


University Policies:

Class Cancellations: When weather conditions are dangerous, students will be informed via the media about class cancellations. Students should not call public safety. Phone lines are needed for emergencies!

Accommodation of religious Beliefs: Students’ sincerely held religious beliefs shall be reasonably accommodated with respect to scheduling all examinations and other academic requirements. Students should inform the instructor of these needs at the beginning of the semester.

Disabilities Accommodation: Adaptation of methods, materials or testing may be made to accommodate educational participation. Student must inform their instructors of these needs at the beginning of the semester.

Health and Safety: Compliance with state and federal regulations is mandatory.

Blood borne Pathogens: Students who may exposed to human blood and certain bodily fluids through classroom activities, practicum, or internships must provided training and information. Contact Carol Lindberg, Campus Industrial Hygienist, Ext. 8073 for more information.

Date                            Tentative Physical Geology Lecture                        Text Reading

June 18            Earth’s Shape and Surface                                                        Ch 1

June 19            Plate Tectonics                                                             Ch 2

June 20            Plate Tectonics & Scientific Methods                                        Ch 2

June 21            Minerals                                                                                   Ch 3

June 25            Magma Igneous Rocks                                                 Ch 4

June 26            Sedimentary Rocks                   :                                               Ch 5

June 27            Metamorphic Rocks                                                                 Ch 6

June 28            Timing & Geologic record                                                         Ch 8

July 2               Weathering & Erosion                                                  Ch 16

July 3               Erosion                                                                        

July 5              Exam 1

July 9               Mass Wasting                                                                           Ch 16  

July 10             Water Resources & Hydrologic Cycle                          Ch 17  

July 11             Stream Transport                                                                      Ch 18

July 12             Glaciers                                                                                    Ch 21              

July 16             Pleistocene Glaciations                                                  Ch 21

July 17             Winds & Desert                                                                       Ch 19

July 18             Project Presentation                                                                                         

July 19            Final Exam                                                                                                   


Date                            Tentative Earth Science                                Lab Outline   

June 19                        Lab # 1                        Plate Tectonics

June 21                        Lab # 2                        Identification Minerals

June 26                        Lab # 3                        Igneous Rocks

June 28                        Lab # 4                        Sedimentary Rocks      

July 03                         Lab # 5                        Metamorphic Rocks

July 05                         Lab # 6                        Topographic Map        

July 10                         Lab # 7                        Groundwater   

July 12                         Lab # 8                        GPS and Spherical Coordinate

July 17                         Lab # 9                        Field Trip Amnicon Falls State Park