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Course description

Geomorphology is the study of landforms.  The primary purpose of this course is to provide you with an overview of the physical environment in which we live. Toward that end, a variety of topics will be covered. Emphasizes will be on the various processes that create and modify landforms. The course will focus on the basic principles, weathering and soils, mass wasting, geomorphology of fluvial tracts, stream system, drainage basin, coastal regions, ‘Karst’ landscapes and glaciated ranges. The geomorphology of any region is the result of an interaction of three factors: Structure (the features of the earth), process (physical, chemical, and biological), and time. These factors in continuous process modify and change the earth surface at varying rates, making our earth a dynamic object.

Attendance: Lecture and Lab attendance is strongly recommended. Attendance is vital to the learning process. Excused absences require a valid excuse. Both the lectures and the lab materials are core curriculum of the course. The question of the exam will be entirely from the lecture and the lab material. The first 30 minutes of the lab is a important time, at this time the lab exercise is introduced.

Exam Make-Up: All lecture make-up exams will be given during final exam week. Dr. Bajjali must be notified within 24 hours prior to missing an exam via voice mail (394-8056) or email in order for student to be eligible to make up an excused lecture exam.


Exam I, & Lab Exam1             20 %

Exam 2 & Lab Exam2              20 %

Project                                     20 %

Lab Final Exam                        20 %   

Final Exam                               20 %

Project: You will carry two projects: The first project is related to the porosity and permeability of the soil of Kimmes Tobin wetland. You will go to the field and bring a sample of the soil of the wetland and conduct lab work to determine the hydraulic properties of your soil sample. The second project is literature review of subject related to the geomorphology and soil. You should do PowerPoint Presentation and submit at the end of the course a paper of 3 to 4 pages of your project. In your project emphasize on the main points of the subject. The duration of your presentation should be 20 minutes (15 for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). Your presentation should be simple and clear and you should consider your audience professional with adequate knowledge about the geomorphology and soil.

Project’s subjects

  1. Soil & weathering

  2. Plate Tectonic

  3. Dating Geomorphic Features

  4. Quaternary Climatic changes and Ice Ages

  5. Shorelines

  6. Eolian Processes and Landforms

  7. Topographic Expression of folded Strata

  8. Landform Developed of Igneous Rocks


Lab Outline & Activities         

1- Physiography of USA         

2- Introduction to the Rocks & Minerals

3- Topography & Aerial Photograph                                                         

4- Chemical Weathering & Clay Mineralogy                                                         

5- Soil Porosity and permeability                                                  

6- Field Trip - Kimmes Tobin Wetland (Soil Core Collection)

7- Soil Sieve Analysis                                                       

8- Drainage Basin            

9- Fluvial System                                                                     

10- Glaciers                   

11- Coastal Landform

12- Project Presentation                                                                 

13- Project Presentation